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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Presentation day - 21st May

Looking beyond Herts 7s - if that is possible - we have the presentations the following week. No actual timings yet - though it will almost certainly a late morning start (later than 10.30 anyway).

Among the highlights - other than the actual awards - will be various side-show stalls, and the adult/junior tag rugby competition that Joe has already mentioned.

We actually have to run one of the stalls, so "volunteers" will be needed. Not sure what we are going to do by Rachel has access a variety of equipment that we might use.

The awards will be at the end of the day - and will be a more formal, indoor do than last year's untidy scrum. Please be there - everyone gets at least a medal for their season's efforts. Last year's turnout was a bit embarrassing!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

U17s training : Wed 26th April

A reminder that training is tomorrow 6:00 start.

We'll continue to look at backline moves and working as team.
Looking at defence as well.
As usual please let me know if you can't attend.

The awards Day:
The awards have been decided and the day is fast approaching. As John mentioned a while back, a little different from last year in that instead of the Coaches vs Parents game there will be a 6-a-side mixed-age tag competition. 3 coaches or parents and 3 players in each team.
Can you please let me know if you are interested.

See you on Wednesday

Sunday, April 23, 2006

RFUW ask for feedback from England internationals

The RFUW are asking for feedback from anyone who attended either of this season's Six Nations internationals at Old Albanians in St Albans.

This was the first year that England had played its Six Nations games at the ground.

Susan Allen at RFUW is asking specifically whether or not the venue as:


and has also published a more detailed questionnaire on the RFUW website (click here).

If you did got to one of the games please take a few moments to answer Susan's enquiries.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Movie planned on Girls' Rugby

The "Saturday is rugby day" blog has passed on some fascinating news. Apparently someone in the US is planning a film based around Girls Rugby (well, in truth women's rugby, but fairly young women), and its already in the casting stage.

The above link even includes details of the main characters they are looking for, and a synopsis of the story.

Actually, it does sounds a bit of a like "romantic comedy" (which many people like, it has to be said) but whatever its merits its interesting to see how much profile the game gets in the US because clearly someone is investing some hard cash in the idea.

What the RFUW would make of it is anyone's guess...

Getting ready to play on harder ground

As the sun beats down the ground is getting harder. Even if there wasn't a hose pipe ban it would require an unfeasibly large amount of water to soften things up so - unless it really starts raining - its going to be pretty solid by the middle and end of May.

So could you all please get some strapping or similar for your knees and - probably - elbows as well, and start wearing it to training as well as for the sevens. Its not going to reduce the effect of major impacts, but at the very least it will at least cut down on cuts and bruises.

Also if the ground is hard you might want to see if its easier on your feet to wear trainers rather than studded boots (though forwards - esepecially U17s - might still prefer boots). Light trainers may also give you an extra yard or so of pace which might make all the difference.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Summer pre-season rugby "camp" at Letchworth

Socious Sports (click here for their website) are running a five-day rugby camp at Letchworth this summer from 28th August to 1st September, open to anyone aged 6-18. The "camp" will be a full-day event, starting at 9.30 each day and ending at 3.15.

The coaches all come from the southern hemisphere and include trainers who have worked with the junior All Blacks, the Samoan national team, and the Fijian Sevens team. Coaching covers all aspectsof the game - and participants even learn to do the haka at the end of the camp!

Obviously this is not specifically a girls event, and its pretty certain that the majority of those taking part will be boys - but if a few of you went then it would help dilute that problem.

The cost is £117.50 for the five day course - which compares very favourably indeed with other rugby camps. And if you've got a spare bedroom and can accommodate one of the coaches for a week, your daughter might even be able to attend free!

If that particular week is a problem then there is course on somewhere in Hertfordshire pretty much every week throughout the summer, including OAs (24-28 July), Hemel (7-11 August), and Royston (14-18 August).

Registration forms are available on the website, or in the "shop".

National Sevens: U17 entry list

All the entries are now in for the National Sevens on Monday 29th May. We will be up against....

Andover (Hants); Aylestone St James (Leics.); Basildon (Essex); Chester; Darlington Mowden Park (Durham - last year's winners); Dorking (Surrey - last yers U14 winners); Exeter Saracens (Devon); Fullerians Furies (Herts); Melbourne Minxes (Derbys); Morpeth (Durham); Petersfield (Hants - who we played at Beceknham); Teddington (Middx); Welwyn Warriors; Wimborne (Dorset); and Worcester.

No idea when the draw will be, but hopefully we'll have something slightly kinder this year!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Regional Cup dates announced

The dates for the Regional Championships - part of the Royal & SunAlliance Festival at Rugby School - have been announced.
  • The Under 14s will be playing on Sunday 30th April*, kick-off 1.00.
  • The Under 17s will be playing on Monday 1st May, kick-off 12.00.

This means that the U17s can now be at training on Sunday 30th (only two weeks before the Sevens, so quite important)!

It also means that it will be easier for supporters of our regional players to get up to Rugby and see them in action. Natalie, Emily and Nikki's U14 team in particular look like being one of the favourites having destroyed all opposition to date - over 100 points in two games, none conceded.

*Corrected - RFUW got the date wrong in its club mailing!

Monday, April 17, 2006

U17s Training : Wed 19th April

Reminder that training is this Wednesday 6.00 start.

Plan to look at backs moves and lineouts.
We'll also look at Restarts time, space and numbers permitting.

Please let me know by email if you can't attend!

A reminder that myself and John need your votes for players player.
Wednesday is the deadline so let us know by email or at training on wednesday.

See you Wednesday

Contested scrums for U14s next season?

EXCLUSIVE! You read it here first - literally because its not been announced anywhere else yet.

In a surprise development RFUW are likely (unless anyone seriously objects) to allow U14s to play with contested scrums - and on full-sized pitches - next season, provided both coaches agree. This is to allow a transition to the new U15 rules in the 2007-2008 season.

What this will mean in practice is that - if both sides have front rows capable of contesting a scrum - they can go ahead, but if one side if too small then things will stay as they are.

It also means that its likely that there will be contested scrums at regional level, especially as I imagine Pete (East's U14 coach) would jump at the chance.

The use of full size pitches is another interesting development, RFUW's only concern being how smaller U12s (Years 7s) will cope with the wide open spaces.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

We're in "Touchline". Again.

Slightly late news this, but we made it into the March edition of the RFU's "Touchline" magazine (click here - but there's also a copy of the article on the club noticeboard). In fact Letchworth Girls were mentioned three times in different articles the same edition - including an article about the U14s at the internationals at OAs.

This is something like the third or fourth time we've made it into Touchline in two years.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Summer training for next season's U14s

The RFU's rugby development officer for Hertfordshire is launching a "regional development scheme" designed to improve your skills and technique. The courses will be run at Letchworth on the first Monday of each month from June until September, from 6.30 to 8.00pm.

The crucial thing is that not only will this training be free, but it is open to girls as well as boys. And the more of you that can make it the better it will be.

Unfortunately it is only open to U13s - ie. next season's U14s.

If you are interested please let me or Rachel know asap.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Letchworth girls make a mark in inter-county sevens and at region

Well done to Nim, Rosie Randfield, Chloe, Nichola, and Jess for their performances in the inter-county sevens tournament hosted by Surrey RFU this afternoon.

All ended up on winning teams. In the U17s Nim captained the county to a 15-5 win over Surrey (Rosie scoring what was to prove a crucial try). The girls from Ampthill then played as "Bedfordshire" and also beat Surrey, this time 19-15.

The decider ended 0-0 (finishing early due to an injury... seem to recall that happening before between Letchworth and Ampthill!) and - as it was three tries each (thanks to Rosie) Herts were declared the winners because they had conceeded fewer tries.

In the U14s Hertfordshire came second to Surrey - but this was thanks to rather a lot of Surrey's tries being scored by Jess who played for the home team as a guest!

So a triumph all round, making team selection for the Sevens even more difficult. For the second week running we were even asked how much Sevens we played by the opposing coach "as clearly you play a lot"!

Meanwhile at the other end of the country (well, Leicestershire anyway) Carla, Hayley, and Natalie were defending the honour of the East Region. At U17 level the East almost made up for their defeat to East Mids at Harpenden a few weeks ago, only going down 5-0 but made up for them with a good 15-10 victory over Yorkshire.

However, it was the U14s who took all the headlines. After running up over 50 points without reply against Thames Valley at Harpenden, the East girls almost did it again, with Natalie scoring a try in a walloping 49-0 win over East Midlands. Its looking good for the festival at the end of the month!

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Pick the best pictures for the Awards Day

It is intended that this year's club awards will be less of a "scrum" and more of a formal event - for instance each coach will intriduce their team and mention a few highlights.

Its also intended to include a "slide show" of pictures of the various teams which will runin the background (if this sounds ambitious the first suggestion was that there should be a video of each team!).

So - would you all like to look around - either on Nikki's site, or here, or in your own albums - and propose what you think are the best snaps. We're looking for exciting, positive images rather than the amusing or unusual.

National Sevens: Bank Holiday Monday

Just for the U17s this.

Please note that the Junior National Sevens at Harpenden are on Monday 29th May - that is Bank Holiday Monday - not Sunday 28th.

Sorry - my fault I think.

Our entry has now gone in, so we should get start times pretty soon. A full list of teams taking part can be seen by clicking here

Friday, April 07, 2006

Question from the club: What do you want us to do for you?

At the meeting on Wednesday I was asked to find out what you wanted the club to do to make you feel more welcome, and or a part of things.

What the club is looking for is constructive and practical ideas.

By "constructive" we mean not just saying "we don't like the showers" but saying why you don't like them, and what you suggest could be done to improve them.

And by "practical" we mean..., well, what might be reasonably achieveable by a club of this size. So, for example, suggesting that we demolish the entire clubhouse and replace it was a health spa would probably be slightly beyond what the club could do.

Also you have to take into account the fact that whatever you suggest has to meet the approval of the rest ofthe club - so, again, suggesting that we change the club colours to pink is unlikely to get far.

The main thing is that the club wants you to feel as at home and as part of things as every other team, and is willing to listen. So if you have ideas, write them down, or tell me or Rachel.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Parents (and non-playing relatives) wanted for Sevens

After last night's meeting with the wider junior club the main non-playing role allocated to the girls section is pitch marshals - who will be charged with getting the right teams on and off the field at the right time, ensuring access to first aid support (either directly by themselves, or by getting first aiders when needed), and relaying scores of games down to the main scorers. In short getting things to run on time (as much as possible).

Four pitches need to be covered, so we'll need at least eight marshalls I suspect (so that you get a rest!).

Awards Day is coming - 21st May

Although our season goes on to the middle of May (or even the end of May for the U17s) the rest of the club effectively finishes at the end of this month. So thoughts are turning (indeed in most part of the club have already turned) to the Club Awards Day on 21st May (the Sunday after Herts Sevens).

So - first - we need all last year's trophies back by Good Friday from last year's winners!

We also need to think - very quickly - about this years winners. Because of the lack of time - made worse by Easter (whcih means some people would miss out on expresing their opinions) - Rachel, Joe and I will be be deciding the two of the awards between us (rather than voting as last season) - ie. Player of the Year (2004/5 winners being Nim and Hayley) and Most Improved Player (last season Jade Randfield and Nikki Alcock).

But you all need to be thinking about your Player's Player award. This goes the the person who has made the greatest contribution to your team - not necessarily the one who scores all the tries, but the person who most makes playing for the team..., well fun! Last year the winners were Ruby Sharp (U14s) and Katie Alcock (U17s).

The main thing is that we need to get the winner's names to Dave Sharp by 7th May... so that is not long!

The day itself will also include the stalls and side shows of last year, but in addition - instead of the Coaches vs Parents game - will feature a mixed-age tag competition. Details have yet to be ironed out, but the idea is that there will be several teams of six made up of three adults (parents or coaches) and three juniors taking part in a knock-out competition throughout the day.

More information will be posted as it appears.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

County tournament news

Start time c1.30pm at Wimbledon, directions etc as previously published on on here on Friday - see

U14s will be playing in a three-way 7-a-side tournament against Surrey and Kent. Sounds ominous, but relax - they are going to be mainly "development" apparently. So a win is very possible.

The current plan is that the U17s will play Surrey, probably as 10-a-side but with teams switching players over 4 15-minute quarters. However we might junk all that on the day and go for a three-way sevens as well, being as Herts at least will possibly have just about enough girls to form two sevens. As is the traditional style of girls rugby, we'll probably decide once we get there - but if you want to thnk about what you'd prefer to do it'll be a help.

No luck on Herts playing kit yet unfortunately... so bring your shirts with you as you may be using them!

For anyone who is staggeringly keen, Surrey are offering coaching from their county coaches (who will be very good I expect) from 11.30, and anyone can join in. However most of you are getting lifts with me or Rachel and we're not planning to get there that early so it may be a bit academic...

Match timetable for Sevens published

Well, a draft, but its unlikely much will change. See

The Under 14s start at 11.30 with a game vs Thomas Becket, and then play again at 12.50 against Westcliff. Semi-finals begin at 1.50 - but we don't expect you to be on the field until 2.30! Finals follow, with the main final at 3.30. So the U14s should be finished by 4pm.

Under 17s have a longer day...

Letchworth/Saracens open the competition against Welwyn at 10.30 (sorry, that's the way it works!), then meet Becket "A" (or "Barbarians") at 12.30, and finish off with Uttlesford at 1.50.

Letchworth Legends follow your team-mates on at 10.50 to play Thomas Becket "B" (ie. "Belles") , you do the same at 12.50 when you play Westcliff, and then you finish the group off at 2.10 with the game against Wasps.

U17 semi-finals run between 2.50 and 3.50, with the finals from 4.10. You shoudlbe finished by 5pm.

So it's a long day....

Monday, April 03, 2006

Herts Sevens: Its Letchworth Legends!

Following an overwhelming vote on Nikki's site, the U17 team in the Sevens will be called Letchworth Legends (so as to clearly differentiate them from Letchworth/Saracens - our other entry, in association with Saracens).

At present the U14s are simply "Letchworth" - but if you want to adopy a similar suffix, or have a different one, its up to you.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

U17s: Sevens Training

Congratulations to all that played in today's matches outstanding performances from ALL!

Special congratulations to Mel and Katy who played very well in both games.

Very pleasing to watch the 7-a-side game where you put into practice what we covered in Wednesdays training session. Training will now take a distinct turn towards the seven a side game focusing on doing well at the tournament in May.

The good performances by everyone today has thrown up several selection problems. People playing in and out of their normal positions played extremely well. These selection problems bring me on to Wednesday training sessions.

I know that Wednesday training sessions are not compulsory, this meaning that players can't be dropped or left out of a side if they don't turn up on a Wednesday....

However what we can and will do is reward those that do turn up to training by helping to improve their skills and giving them the opportunity to prove themselves.

Wednesday's session is vitally important as we will be looking at defence and as a result of this it is crucial that ALL members of the squad should attend.
If we get the time we will also look at the backline moves so a full set of backs would be nice please.

Please don't hesitate to email me if you have any problems at...


Good performances against Bishop's Stortford

Not the strongest opposition, but we have lost games to similar (even weaker) sides this season so it was a good, "professional" performance that got better as the game went on. Some forwards were a bit reticent to hit the rucks etc. at the start, but improved significantly after the first few minutes. Passing out of the tackle was excellent and running and support also some of the best seen this season, especially later in the game.

For the record the first "full" game (11-a-side in practice) was won by 22-0, three tries from Hayley, one from Nim.

The second game - played to sevens rules - had a good deal of chopping and changing of players, but despite that everyone played well, which will make selection tricky. The score was in the mid 30s perhaps early 40s to nil - Nim scored about three tries, Hayley several as well - didn't Carla or someone else go over? Both Nim and Hayley got at least one conversion each as well. All in all... looking good!

Hertfordshire Sevens draw is published

The draw for Herts Sevens was held at Bishop's Stortford this afternoon. Full details can be found on the Herts Sevens website but so far as Letchworth is concerned both the U14s and U17s have ended up with very similar draws.

The U14s have drawn Thomas Becket School ("Becket Blues") and Westcliff.

The U17s "A" team ("Letchworth Legends") have also drawn Thomas Becket ("Becket Belles") and Westcliff, but will also face the "unknown" side in the competition, Wasps.

The U17s "B" team (who will combined with Saracens to form "Letchworth Saracens") will face Thomas Becket's other team ("Becket Barbarians"), along with Uttlesford and Welwyn.

Exactly what match will take place when will be decided nearer the competition.

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