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Thursday, November 23, 2006

"Start Rugby" - and help develop the girls teams!

The club will be hosting a "Start Rugby" course on the evening of 15th January. This is a new course aimed at anyone interested in helping to coach or introduce new players to the game, but perhaps not interested or able to commit to become a fully qualified coach at this stage.

As such its ideal for any parents or players who want to get more involved in helping the game - and girls' section - develop and grow.

The course takes just one evening, is apparently quite active and hands on, and at the end of it you take away not only the experience but a big pack of drills and games for groups of all sizes.

The fees will be paid by the club. There may be a minimum age, but at this stage I am not sure what that would be - so let me know if you are interested anyway.

There is also a "tag" rugby traning course coming up at Royston RFC on 12th February, and sessions on "tackle safety & coaching contact" at Letchworth on 11th December and Stevenage on 19th March. Again if these sound interesting let me know.

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