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Monday, May 21, 2007

National 7s - seeding. "Just for fun"...

This has come up in the discussion below, but its rather a "fun" topic and might excite a bit of pre-tournament discussion.

So if RFUW saw sense and introduced seeding into this event (rather a good idea I reckon, for those who remember last year, or even the year before!) what should the seedings be for Saturday's U17s?

At the risk of being shot I'll set things going with...
  • 1. Worcester (For obvious reasons I think)
  • 2. Darlington (I'm slightly heart-over-head here and mainly base this on past performances - might be a bit high?)
  • 3. Wimborne (Actually very hard to separate this team and the two below)
  • 4. Welwyn
  • 5. Paviors
  • 6. Basford (As Basildon would be in top four - as holders - but as a combined side have not quite reached Basildon's heights)
  • 7. Tynedale (Probably should be higher, but not much recent record "out of region" that I can trace)
  • 8. Letchworth
  • 9. Tamworth (Should probably be higher than Letchworth, but lack the tournament record to "prove" it?)
  • 10. Westcliff (Magnificent backline in 15s - can they translate it to 7s?)
  • 11. Dorking
  • 12. Cramberleigh
  • 13. Reading (Seems very low for a team that beat Letchworth yesterday - but they were then hammered by Kettering. Inconsistent?)
  • 14. Exeter
  • 15. Jimmies
  • 16. Tylderloo (Great U14 side, but U17s? No real record I can find, so really looking at regional performances here. Unfair? Maybe...).
I suggest U14 seeding is far more difficult as performances are more variable year on year - but if anyone wants to stick their neck out on that...


  1. Anonymous4:24 PM


    Under 14's to close to call

    How about

    1 Cramberleigh
    2 H3
    3 Darlington
    4 Basford / Spalding

    based on recent results

    Still anything can happen on the day (maybe a huge hole in every rd surrounding Leighton VBuzzard will stop Cramberleigh getting through!!

  2. Anonymous5:54 PM

    1 Cramberleigh
    2 Ellingham and Ringwood(beat C'leigh and H3 at 12 a side)
    3 Basford
    4 Spalding
    5 Basford

    1 Worcester
    2 Welwyn
    3 Paviors
    4 Darlington
    5 Westcliffe
    6 Basford
    7 Dorking(SE League DIV 1 winners did niot gel at 10's but will be useful at 7's)
    8 Wimborne(not played 7's this year)
    9 Cramberleigh
    10 Tynedale
    11 Letchworth
    12 Tamworth
    13 Reading
    14 Exeter
    15 Jimmies
    16 Tyderloo

    Should be a good tournament if there were no injuries to key players after Sunday

  3. Anonymous5:56 PM

    Sorry H3 should be at 3

  4. Anonymous6:01 PM

    I agree with those.

    Can't see Worcester losing, anyone strong enough to beat them?

  5. Anonymous7:10 PM

    No one below Darlington will touch them however Wimborne only lost to them by one converted try at the Nat 10's. Welwyn must have got beaten again by them on Sunday, do not know the score?
    Paviors could if their Fullback/centre is on song

    We will see Saturday!!

  6. Anonymous9:25 PM

    Letchworth u17 have beaten basford, dorking and westcliffe this season, all at 10 a side, won't be too much different at 7's i don't think

  7. First... Okay, I give up who are "H3"??

    Second - on the "alternative list" - for U17s, while granting that Welwyn shoudl be in the top four or five I think no. 2 is a bit high. While a great side, 7s doesn't seem to be their game. In five county or national sevens Welwyn have never got beyond the semi-finals, and without Hannah (whose would have shone at this format) I don't see that changing, unless they get a good draw.

    Paviors disappointed me on Sunday as well - if Emily isn't on the field they seemed a good side, but no more than that. For example though they beat Romford in the plate semis but it was not as dominant performance as it should have been given the difference in teams. Emily being on the field - and on form - does make a difference though!

    Wimborne may not have played 7s yet - but most clubs have not played much! They must be in contention for the last four - and moreso than Dorking.

    And Basford 2007 are not Basildon 2006...

  8. Anonymous9:12 PM

    H3 = Hailsham, Hellingley and Heathfield.

  9. Anonymous1:02 PM

    HASTINGS, Hellingley and Heathfield.


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