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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Congratulations, anonymous of Hatfield!

Well done the anonymous reader from a school in Hatfield who, at 2.14pm today, became the 10,000th person to log onto this blog. Please accept this (virtual) glass of celebratory bubbly. Cheers!

We will, of course, not raise awkward questions along the lines of "what were you doing mucking around on the internet at that time - maths a bit boring today or something?".

The continued fascination that our neighbours to the south have in all things Letchworthian remains, of couse, gratifying - but come on, guys, isn't it about time you started your own blog?

Still the timing is rather good as from Friday evening you'll be able to vote for this site (and for Nikkis too!) in a competition to find the best websites in Hertfordshire. This blog will be up for the Sport and Blog categories, while Nikki will be going for the U16 title - and chances are the sport title as well. Voting buttons will appear (top right) when the polls open.

I'm not sure what the winners will come away with, other than an overbearing aura of sumgness...

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