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Friday, June 08, 2007

Reaction to the redesign - and new design a new header

So... what do you think? Looks a bit different, maybe?

Blogger - on which this sits - have introduced some significant improvements to what can be done with the look and feel of sites, and so - after a crash course in CSS and XML, much pencil chewing, and a good deal of abusive language - I've converted the blog over to the new system so as to take advantage of it all. And - not that most of you will care too much - its makes managing the site monumentally easier.

As you see, the text now fills the screen better, there is no annoying gap at the top of the screen, and the long list of links is now in two columns so that things can be found more easily.

One new feature is that news appearing from one blog can now be automatically appear on another - so if you look at the bottom of the left column you will see the latest from the Herts County blog appearing there. Adding things like the new video "advert" that Mike is working on will also be far easier now that it would have been before.

I'll probably carry on fiddling a bit, but for now are there any reactions or suggestions? Is this any better? Or worse? Would the links be better in one column, or two for example?

Design a New Header (part 2)

One effect of all this is that the header at the top of the screen no longer has to conform to tight limits on size and width - and indeed the old header now looks a bit odd. I did ask if anyone had any alternative designs last month - Phil sent in one - and I was going to ask for people to vote on the new header, but given the increased freedom Blogger have now provided it may be worth revisiting that.

So - before going to a vote - has anyone any else got any suggestions for a new design?


  1. Anonymous4:27 PM

    i really dont like the new design, the old one looked far more proffessional and easy to understand, the one now just looks like a middle school student made it, PLEASE CHANGE IT BACK!!

  2. Okay - why?

    Is it the three column layout?

    Or is it the text - too small perhaps, wrong font maybe?

    Or did you prefer the large empty margins of the old screen that we could do nothing with?

  3. Anonymous6:15 PM

    i really don't like this one either
    it looks actually rank, its a bit boring, and its not very colourful
    and i like colours. its quite hard to read now, and all the links would be better in one column, its looks a bit more organised that way..

  4. John,
    I don't share the same views as "anonymous". The layout is clearly more flexible. Aside from the inevitable lamenting the 'old', the 'new' look just needs the banner updating to take advantage of the new space / resolution. I might be tempted to change the background colour for each of the columns (if possible) and certainly change the font of the main column. Other than that, I like it. Cheers, Phil T

  5. Actually there does seem to be more variation in this depending on screen resolution.

    I'll do some more tewaking eher and there...

  6. Anonymous10:46 AM

    I dont like this layout either but then i guess there is nothing we can do ... its really hard to read ... xxxx

  7. The Layout before looked quite a lot better, i can understand you wanting to change it but now it's not got as much colour and i get confused because all of the links etc have moved around...AND NIKKI'S SITE LINK IS NOT WORKING!!! :(

  8. There is qite a lot that can be done. I've changed the font to the one we had before, for example.

    And Nikki's link now works!

    I'll try some more things...


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