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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Bringing down the prey...

Further to Sunday's game, Phil has provided a short video illustrating Natalie's hunting technique.

Or, to put it another way...


  1. Anonymous7:11 PM

    lol i love it!

  2. i've just told all our lot to watch these.



  3. Uncany similarity!?

  4. Anonymous10:52 PM

    isnt that abit out seeing as sash was playing for letchworth but you are showing off the fact that she got tackled by an opposing player, wetehr from letchworth or about big up the wrong person.
    its abit disrespectful in my oppinion, especially seeing as you havent highlighted how YOUR girls did so well in the game, or how well sasha did in the game, just how she managed to get tackled, its rugby get over it, your SUPPOSED to tackle people! theres no need to make an issue out of it or highlight her for being tackled, shes an awesome player. and as for uncany similarity, er no.

  5. Anonymous10:57 PM

    wtf why are we illustrating natalies tackling technique!!!!!!!!!!!!! i feel sorry for bam, i mean what the hell why would you do that! show a video of sasha dump tackling, then you have something to show. natalie was playing for ampthill!! fair doos it was a good tackle but is this really nessarsary?!

  6. Anonymous10:59 PM

    i dont even think it was a good tackle. just abit of luck that her legs clipped sashas. more likely a hold on and trip.

  7. A few points for visitors....

    1. The main reason for inclusion is that it is an amusing clip that illustrates a point from an earlier posting. Its not supposed to be a masterclass!

    2. Natalie is one of our own players - we had lent her to Ampthill - not that that should make any difference about whether we include it or not.

    3. Sasha doesn't seem to mind, though Natalie is mildly embarrassed.

    4. But there is no need for her to be. She does this all the time - see our "best tackle of the season" poll during the summer - same thing!

    6. From being a mainly attacking player, Natalie has become a very effective defensive tackler, partly because of this, bringing down players bigger and strnger than herself regulaly. This was no fluke!

    7. You will note that she not only brings Sasha down, Natalie also traps her arms and prevents her recycling. As far as "technique" it may not be textbook but it is actually quite effective in preventing tries!

  8. Anonymous8:54 AM

    got lucky with tackle, poor technique. grabbing shirt all to popular at letchworth

  9. OMG anonymous, I don't believe you are making such a big fuss over it, the main thing rugby has over football is a sense of humour.
    Technique isn't everything, the result was fair and NOT dangerous and it's good to see the opposition getting some credit.

  10. Anonymous11:03 AM


    that was a funny vid :D

  11. Anonymous11:36 AM

    natalies tackling was great n not just luck, dnt show a video of sasha dump tackling, she should of got sent of for that!!

    ampthill did great!

    awsome games :D

  12. Natalie4:29 PM

    Honestly,if people intend to attack Letchworth's policies, Johns blog, and my tackeling, I think the least they can do is publish their names.

  13. Sasha!8:38 PM

    i agree with natalie.
    the video is a bit of harmless fun and good on natalie for not only volenteering for the opposing team but playing 100%.
    it was a fun game and nah i shouldnt be sent off for dump tackling, its all in the game aswell.
    me n natalie are all grooooovveeyyy with the video so lets all turn them frowns upside down n hava laugh lol

  14. simon8:29 AM

    A dump tackle is not necessarily illegal, in fact any decent coach would coach a tackle from head on as an offensive tackle, to try and grab a leg and drive the attacking player backwards. Sacha has been coached the technique at regional coaching and probably TDG. A dump tackle is only dangerous when the attacking player is taken completely off the ground and then the body is taken up into the air and the head is down. Look at the BOD takle when the Lions played the AB for a perfect demonstration of illegality. A so called international ref didn't give it and a citing officer didn't either! Even so if the tackler is controling the tackle and the body does not go past horizontal ie. not head down, then it is a legitimate tackle.

  15. angry girl9:39 AM

    i am actully quite annoyed with people coming on here putting letchworth down!
    get a life!!
    that video is a bit of a joke! does anyone remeber that word? FUN?
    hayley xxx


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