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Monday, March 10, 2008

The lull before the storm .....

With just a few more training weekends left, the season is building towards the usual frenetic conclusion with a host of 10s and 7s tournaments in April and May.

The remaining fixtures look like this :


16th : U15 : (A) Hertford
16th : U18 : (H) Training
30th : U15/U18 : (A) Ampthill (7s)


6th : U15/U18 : (H) Dorking
13th : U18 : (A) Basford
20th : U18 : Divisional 10s (Mellish RFC, Nottingham)
27th : U15/U18 : (H) Training


4th : U15/U18 : (A) Worthing 10s
5th : U18 : (A) National 10s (Lichfield RFC) (if qualified)
11th : U15/U18 : (A) Dorking 7s
18th : U15/U18 : (A) Herts 7s (Tabard RFC)
24th : U15/U18 : (A) National 7s (Leighton Buzzard RFC)


  1. John

    Looking at the fixtures to give you plenty of notice,the U15s's are not available on the 13th April
    as it is in the middle of Easter hols and we have the vast majority of girls away with schools or parents and have told the few girls that are available that they can have a weekend off.
    the U18's will be available depending on national cup results.
    the 13th is the Nat Cup Final and as you know they are buddied with Welwyn.


  2. Anonymous5:00 PM

    So, clustering with Basford/Welwyn for the NCup was thought up to give girls rugby, pity people see the silverware before their commitments to already arrange fixtures. This now leads to 1 team not getting any rugby plus the basford girls who do not get in the Basford/welwyn cup side with no rugby.

  3. Anonymous9:27 PM

    "but above all win"

  4. John
    it would seem that even giving plenty of notice is not good enough for some.
    I dont expect this to get published as it has to go through your moderation link,
    Welwyn and Basford buddied up due to injuries (which incidentely had the full backing of the RFUW)so even if basford, as the totally uninformed Brian has it, have some girls spare we still could not play as we only have 9-10 available to start with.
    we have 2-3 long term injuries one of which you are aware of as she unfortunately was injured in the last meeting between the two clubs.

    Perhaps brian would like to inform us where the available girls are who we could cluster with to make up a team to play Letchworth.

  5. Its a difficult one, Phil. The moderation came in as a result of contributions that were personally insulting, using inappropraite language (especially for a junior audience). There was a degree of malice - and indeed a close on libel.

    A mere disagreement with something - the statement of viewpoint that may even be a minority viewpoint - is a different matter. There is nothing, to my view, wrong with that so long as it is couched in appropriate language, etc. In a small sport with little or no media coverage one only ever tends to see the Approved Viewpoint, which I feel is unhealthy.

    As for the substantive issue I think my own views - for what they are worth - are well know, viz a club tournament should be for clubs, and if there are insufficient clubs of big enough size to have a proper event then don't bother. At best it proves nothing (how can a clustered side claim to be the champion club?), at worst it causes all sorts of bad feeling (as this season, a situation which actually began with last year's final). Over two years ago I said that a county cup would make much more sense and I see nothing to change my views on that.

    Clearly others - incuding yourselves and RFUW - have different views, and it was helpful of you to describe te circumstances. And in the end its RFUW's cup so they can run it how they like! But that should not stop people who have a different viewpoint from expressing it.

  6. John

    Totally agree with you regarding the use of inappropriate language on the site, regardless of the age of the audience. I fully understand why you have put this in place, there is no place for this type of language and the blogs are not there to use as a too to launch attacks on people or clubs.

    Whilst people may agree with your views on the Welwyn / Basford link up (and I have my own views),would it be fair for neither club to play in a competition because of a lack of numbers.

    Our U15's have for 2 years played as Basford even though they are officially 2 clubs. Between the two clubs we have a squad of 17 players, which allows us to play even with injuries.If we hadnt taken this path neither club would be able to field a side to play a game. The girls see themselves as Basford and always identify themselves as such. They even have their own distinctive kit with Basford on the logo.Should they then be barred from a club competition.
    The U18s are in the same position, however, even with 2 clubs feeding in to the squad, the amount of injuries this season means that they cannot put out a side on their own. Hence the link up with Welwyn.
    I see that Letchworth and Amptill have buddied, so that would mean that you would not be entering club competitions such as the Herts 7's, Worthing 10's or even the National 7's.

    The original responce was not to justify why Basford/welwyn played together but in responce to a totally uninformed piece of nonsence by JW and Brian who due to the fact that we may have to cancel a club fixture because of a possible cup clash felt the need to critisise our club.

    As Paula mentioned in reply, JW and Brian do not have an insight into the set up or how the team is picked etc and should therefore either take time to find out how things are decided before opening their mouths or keep their thoughts to themselves.
    As a club we have for the last 2 seasons played a full programme of games at both age groups and have tried at all times to fullfill fixtures.
    Unneccessary critisism such as that from JW and from Anonymous who left the petty message "above all win" only serves to put peoples backs up and then those people start to question well why should we bother playing them as all they do is find a reason to critisise us.
    It is the girls that will suffer no one else.
    So please ask JW/ brian etc and all those who wish to hide behind the anonymous tag to keep quiet and let the girls rugby do the talking.

    We fully expect to hear a big cheer if the Welwyn/Basford side lose their next Cup game, and similarly even more critisism if they go on to win the cup.


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