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Friday, January 23, 2009

RFUW ban Welsh clubs from Gloucester tens - and every other tournament?

News has come through that the RFUW will not allow Welsh clubs to take part in the Gloucester Tens. This surprise decision has, apparently, been taken on the basis that the tournament is not a "national event" and so cannot be open to teams from outside the Union.

This is, to put it mildly, a remarkable ruling as - if this is now how Twickenham interprets rules concerning cross border matches - it means that the participation of any Welsh clubs (or come to that clubs from anywhere outside England) in any tournament run by anyone other than the RFUW (because only RFUW can run national events) is now impossible. This news that will come as a bit of a shock to many, many tournament organisers - especially those close to borders. For example, it would mean that our "Canada Day" event in 2007 was probably illegal, and I hope Worthing have no Welsh clubs taking part this year.

It also means that the reverse must be true and that any English clubs playing in tournaments in Wales not run by WRFU will be breaking the rules - so our boys' U11s had better return the trophies they won in Aberystwyth last year as they should not have been there. Or does this rule only apply to girls?

It also very strange. Wales actually changed its age bands this season to match those of England, presumably so as to make cross-border matches easier to take place - looks like that was a waste of time. Or are single cross-border fixtures be okay, but tournaments not?

I am sure there is a terribly good reason why this rule exists - but I cannot work out what it might be. If someone could enlighten me and let me know how it contributes to the development of the game I would really like to know.

Meanwhile the GGRT will now have the difficult task of breaking the news to the Welsh clubs who had entered. Can there ever have been a club tournament more tied up in red tape than this one? You can only have sympathy for them - they have put so much effort into putting on an event for clubs shocked by the loss of the National 10s, moreover an event that will not cost RFUW a single penny, and its been a struggle all the way. Its hardly a tale that would encourage anyone else to try to organise girls rugby tournaments.


  1. There is a word to describe this........however on a family read forum it isn't the place to post it.

    Is it me or is this one of those situations where some people are being as difficult as possible. I'm sure if they thought it was their ball they'd take that away too.

  2. Anonymous3:04 PM

    a couple of things. who told you that as it was not a national event the teams cannot play? what was the reason? the boys are regulated by the RFU not the RFUW they are diffreent gouverning bodies! a bit more fact would be good rather than a rant. the only way things can change is if there facts to work on. as for clubs being shocked by the loss of the national 10s, i think you over estimate that, if clubs participated in the first place then it woudl still be going! please talk to the RFUW team in your area and i am surre it can be sorted out.

  3. No rant - statement of fact. GGRT told me that Welsh teams were barred by RFUW for this reason. I know that boys' and girls' currently have different governing bodies, but the regulations they work to (especially cross-border) are effectively the same - or at least should be as they should be based on IRB rules. As for no interest, see earlier discussion!

  4. Anonymous5:31 PM

    Clubs who entered the National 10's last year were shocked that it has been cancelled this year - Fact
    The best tournament in the south last year was the National 10's South region games - Fact
    RFUW being rather silly over the Gloucester 10's - Fact
    The Gloucester 10's with the Welsh would have been a great days rugby for all the girls that would have been involved and at the end of the day it is the girls that suffer here. What are the reasons for not allowing the Welsh sides to play.

  5. Anonymous5:52 PM

    The national 10s were well supported by the u/18s teams last year. They would have been well supported this year as well especially if they had included u15s teams as well.The biggest surprise came on finals day last year when there was no senior national 10s as some senior clubs had pulled out.

  6. It might be nice to understand the logic behind this decision. (Obviously assuming there is some).
    It just seems like its very sour grapes, this however could just be my naive understanding of the implications of these decisions........I hope.


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