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Sunday, January 13, 2008

A great day out!

Sunday was a mild and dry day which was ideal for our matches against Saracens for which we were joined by Ampthill who combined with Saracens to play against Letchworth U18s and, with some help from Letchworth, provided the opposition for Saracens U15s.

The matches, which were played in a good spirit, saw Saracens U15s beating Ampthill/Letchworth by 70 - 0 and Letchworth U18s beating Saracens/Ampthill by 29 - 0.

Here are a few pictures from the U18s match, starting with a very determined looking Ruby driving through to score the first try :

Then we have Mel making a break :

Eleanor driving into the Saracens defence :

Randy scoring a try :

Georgie feeding the ball out to Hayley :

who bursts through to score the only try of the second half :

Letchworth scorers :
Tries : Ruby, Natalie, Randy, Hayley (2)
Conversions : Randy (2)


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  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. Post from Rubycick 2008 deleted due to bad language. Unfortunately I managed to delete the other post as well at the same time - sorry - will see if I can bring that one back. Suffice to say that the score was disputed.

  4. omg.. how dare u remove my comment

    im upset about that :( haha jkz ..

    but i do agree with rugbychick2008

    coz ur ref was bias, and wen we tryed to say about it he sed "dnt start on me or il send u off"

    so all i have to say to that is get a new ref.

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  6. wtf no dave is bias that probz why u like him

    and u only got 4 n we got 5 that didnt count :@

    and i dnt make excuses i just say it how it is.

    fantastic haha yer rite!

  7. Anonymous9:25 PM

    omg we beat you get over it! its only a game!!

  8. omg.. its not all about winin u know!

    and yer it is just a game to some peeps but not to ur ref dave
    but it was annoyin havein a bias ref if it was JUST a game then he wouldnt have been so bias n would have been fair

  9. Refereeing is one of the most difficult roles to fulfill within the game that we are all pasionate about, far more difficult than playing the game, far more difficult than coaching the game and infinately more dificult than watching the game.
    To suggest a referee is deliberately biast towards one team or another is an incredible accusation. Yes in some games 50/50 decisions will not always go your way and yes these decisions may result in you not winning the game. But should a team be relying on 50/50 decisions to get the desired result??? Surely as a team you should be aiming to create enough clear cut definate chances to ensure you stand a chance of winning.
    If a player were to dispute a referees integrety on the pitch they are well within their rights to remove the player from the pitch.
    And one last thought, which individual on the pitch gives up an hour or so on their sunday to ensure that the game goes ahead, which individual on the pitch would prevent the game from occuring if they didnt turn up and which individual on the pitch gets on with job doing there best to ignor comments from the sideline and complaints from players and just trys to do the best job they can.
    So a reminder to every rugby player out there, there arent enough rugby referees and complaining about those who actually get on and do the job through thick and thin will not solve the problem.

    Happy rugby playing
    Joe Randall
    Glouc+Dist referee

  10. A rugby fan9:06 AM

    Totally agree with Joe's comments without the ref there is no game.
    On the other side of the coin, without the players there is no game.
    It is meant to be fun, and no one is going to agree with every decision the ref makes.
    This is a problem when the home club supplies the ref, if it doesnt go the way off the opposition team.
    If it is a clear cut one way game where one bad decision does not have a meaninful input into the result then no one remembers it. But if it swings the balance of a close game no one forgets it.
    If the referee was as bad as is claimed, then it is the responsibility of the club to ensure it doesnt happen again.

    It is a small world within Rugby and people across clubs and counties or regions talk about games, and as a neutral I have to say I logged on to read the match report and comments having heard through "the rugby grapevine" that all was not well with the standard of the referee on sunday, so it is not just the girls who commented that think so.
    Adults who may have a broader view also left with this impression.

    Please dont critisise people and remove comments for having their say it is a free world after all, remember how one of your girls launched an atack on a rival club after she didnt agree with results at a club festival.

  11. Sharpy9:28 PM

    The ref was perfectly fair, you were arguing and he was fair to tell you to stop arguing!! and everyone makes mistakes!! If the game was close then i would understand your comments as you would be more frustrated.
    at the end of the day we won and its a stupid thing to argue about and if you want us to join up with you for games its not a very good way to go about it is it really !!And if he didnt ref then we couldnt have played because i didnt see anyone else volunteering so i think you should be thanking him to be honest!!

  12. Anonymous9:36 PM

    i believe tht letchworth were warned a lot about stuff as well, particulary in the scrum, so tbh dave was not bein bias and think you should get your facts right before you start saying stuff like that.

    a game of rugby is a game of rugby, you cant win all the time,
    we won because we scored tries, not because dave was bias to you.


  13. Having not been at the game and only read the match report (and these posts) as an interested party and someone new to the world of girls rugby it is a shame when matches are marred by this type of discussion.
    I have seen the best and the worst of refereeing performances over the years but the way in which the teams deal with this is often more of an eye-opener. We don't play leagues and none of the matches are played for a row of houses so at the end of the day the result doesn't really matter. What matters is the way in which you play the game. One of the previous posters mentioned that one of the best ways is to win by such a margin that close decisions don't impact on the final result and this is something I would encourage, this means that the team works together harder, etc.
    Obviously we all want to win but this isn't the whole picture. Both teams are role and aspirational models for a number of other teams and players (the number of hits to your sites underlines this). At times decisions in rugby (and life) don't go the way they might but that is just life.
    Anyway ramble over, take care and we still look forward to playing some if not all of you at some point.


  14. Okay - that will do. Its bad enough having to deal with nine and ten year olds in the working week without having to deal with similar types in my spare time as well. Moderation has now been turned on. People wanting to make sensible and adult contributions are still welcome to add comments - the tiny minority who wish to abuse the openness of this forum can now stop.

  15. I didnt play in this game, but however whenever dave has refereed any of the games i have participated in, he has certainly made the game a flowing and very fair one. I have played in so many games and i would certainly rate dave as a really good one. I have been pulled up for the slightest of things, its all about player development and in the long run is certainly much appreciated. I think saying someone is being biast is a very harsh remark to make, referees ref just to be that little bit more involved in the game, and no matter what the decision, the referee is always right.


  16. Anonymous7:41 PM

    To 'A Rugby Fan' - 1 of our girls lanched an attack on anuva club just because she didnt agree with the score of a tournament? Tere was no attack - someone said that they didnt understand da score but wud no more wen the results came out and all of sudden every1 thought we were attacking ppl! it wasnt true and it wasnt like there was one determined girl launchin some kind of attack - it was so over dramatised!

  17. hi, this is amy, who was the captain of the saracens/ampthill team on sunday, and i have just been informed of what has been going on in the letchworth blog. I am very disgusted by this behavoir and i apologise on the behalf of whoever is doing it, but i will find out who it is, and make sure the ref of the match gets an apology letter fron the girl. I think it is out of order for a girl to see herself in the position to try and correct or answer back to the ref at any point. I am very upset by what has happend, as i felt that the game played on sunday was a great game played by all, and i'm not sure about Letchworth, but it gave our team a lot of things to learn from. Also it is a shame that we lost, but in my opinion the better side did win, we had a couple of disallowed tries, however letchworth had the skills and teamwork to score some blinding tries without any sort of confusion, and well done on that. All i can hope for is for this to be sorted out, and some future friendly fixtures involving all three teams can organized again soon.

  18. titch1:37 PM

    hey guys

    i apologise for my silly behavoir its was very imature of me =[


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