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Thursday, May 03, 2007

East Region awards: have you voted yet?

Why not??

  • Its NOT just about what happens at Regional level - the awards are there to recognise any club or anyone who plays or coaches or runs clubs at any level in the region.
  • You do not have to be an East Region player or official - ANYONE interested in girls or women's rugby in East Region can vote. That means players, parents, coaches, brothers, sisters.... anyone!!
  • You do not have to vote in all the categories - if you do not know any East U14 players, then don't bother voting in that section. There are plenty of people you DO know up for nomination elsewhere!!
  • It IS important - because its the way you can show your appreciation for all the work that people across the region put in to keep your game going
  • It need not cost you anything (other than five minutes of your time). You can vote by email, text, or post.
  • You do not need to ask for a voting paper - Vincent has now put all the papers and the nomination details on the web. Just click here for the nomination detail and here for the voting form.
  • You can vote for whoever you like - just make sure you vote!

Don't delay - vote today!


  1. Anonymous4:05 PM


  2. Well, the only regular canine spectator at present may well be supporting the Essex cause next year...

    Seriously though, Anon, could I draw your attention to the fact that I do not say WHO anyone should vote for - I just want them to vote.

    As things stand most girls probably would not as they tend not to see that the region is even slightly relevent to them, or indeed in any positive light as for many of them all it does is get in the way of their hopes of playing regular rugby between Christmas and Easter.

    And - leaving aside the rather important queston as to what the point would be - if I was REALLY going to try to pack the ballot do you REALLY think I'd do it in public?

    Matthew 7:3

  3. Anonymous9:46 PM

    The comment about the cannine spectator looks like another dig at our friends over the border,
    careful, rumour has it you have upset the apple cart once too often.
    you are still advocating mass voting by anyone who can put a cross in a box, didnt work last week though did it!!!!

  4. Of course I am advocating mass voting - I want as many people as possible to vote. I THINK that is what elections are about.

    I am not advocating that anyone vote in any particular way, nor and I saying that anyone should vote more than once (au contraire). Quite frankly if anyone interprets what I have said in that way then I reckon it says rather more about their own guilty conscience than my own!

    People will believe rumours won't they, despite the fact that they are rarely correct. I guess its just more fun to bicker and gossip in little groups than actually try to find out what is actually going on by, oh I don't know, say asking questions maybe? Am I really that scary? Do they think I will bite?

    Just like its rather tedious the way some people will leap to complain to the RFUW about the most pitifully minor things, or take offence from the most mild statements, without ever attempting to clarify things with the author. You do wonder who the children are sometimes.

    But - hey – why should I care any more? I'm no longer RPM 'cause the Programme has finished (thankfully). In practice I'm also not county manager any more either. And we will shortly have a management committee running things here at Letchworth as well (modelled on Welwyn, incidentally) instead of it all being just me. So complaining to the RFUW about me in future is going to be a bit of a waste of time! :-)

    But what voting are you referring to that happened last week? Local council elections? French Presidential elections? No - you've got me there...

    Hang on – you don’t mean HSP Awards? You know - the awards that are decided by a committee, not by a popular vote (a much better idea, IMHO)? But the only person the club nominated picked something up – okay he didn’t win, but he came second – so I am a bit confused by what you might mean. Care to explain?

  5. Anonymous2:11 PM

    Maybe now East will have a pro active team in place next year,I was amazed that as RPM you didnt show to support the younger girls this weekend. (strange that, or is it because you failed to get a Letchworth girl in the East squad).Indead we have read some great reports re the Letchworth girls in the U17 GROUP. WERE THEY THE ONLY ONES PLAYING.
    I note that a comment from Essex on the Herts blog actually praises all the girls for their acheivements regardless of where they play.Perhaps others are not so blinkered and can appreciate the efforts put in by people.
    Regarding your comment re the RFUW is it not fair to say that word has it that they backed the complaints made against your handling of the way it was broadcast to all and sundry before the girls themselves found out.
    This is just one more example of your crass insensitivity towards any girl who does not play for Letchworth.
    Instead of running down others, perhaps you should concentrate on getting together two teams who are capable of challenging the others both here in the region and elsewhere.
    On a plus side, I believe that you have without doubt the best interests of the game at heart and will do all within your power to raise the profile of the game, but unfortunately lack the people skills to embrace those around and pull all parties together to make this one of the best counties around.


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