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Saturday, August 28, 2010

World Cup Live: Canada v France... the big one.

Its the Big One. Game of the day. The match that looked like a pure quarter-final from the start, and still is - though Canada could in theory qualify even if they lose. The Swedes have gone (shame!). and the Scots, and the pitch is now quite quiet (well, relatively). The big speakers on Pitch One are building up for the (largely irrelevant) New Zealand v Wales clash where the only question is whether the Black Ferns will pass 50... or 70?  They have a 30 point gap to catch up on England so they will not be showing any mercy.

But here.... A Canadian win means a semi-final place, and opens the door for Ireland or Australia. A French win means they go through, and that Canada have to hope that Ireland do not score too many against Kazakhstan.  A draw... well, let's just not think about that!

Meanwhile, in the distance on Pitch 1, Wales are already behind...

Canadian fans vastly outnumber the French...

Early penalty to Canada, missed. French looking more positive than in previous games. Tense opening stages, no clear advantage. France a different team - and they are ahead. Try in the corner. 5-0 Four minutes.

Canada now in French 22. Dana Teagarden, the US ref, is being very strict on lineouts - and most things. Meanwhile its 17-3 to New Zealand on Pitch one. And its another penalty to Canada, on the line. Schnell goes for the kick - and converts this one. France 5, Canada 3.

France looking so much more dangerous with ball in hand, though Canada seem to have the edge with the forwards. Imporant scrum now on Canada's 22, France taking advantage of an error on the restart. Lost with horrible put in! Penalty to France now, which Bailon easily scores. 8-3.

Another awful Canadian scrum... what is going on here? Two against the head! 24 minutes.They need to calm down a bit... Better scrum now on the French 22 - by the ref ignores a gross offside, giving the ball to the French! Astonishing.

[Wales have a try!]

All the calls going against Canada, and its having an effect. Penalty after penalty take Canada from the French 22 to their own. Resulting line out leads to a maul, and pushover for France. 13-3 now. Canada rattled, mainly by the referee's decisions one feels.

Now Canada steal a line out on the French line - but are held up. Desperate passage of play... Canada so close... Penalty to Canada - Agricole to the sin bin. Close to half-time now. Canada take the scrum... drive and dive over by Russell, right by the posts. 13-8. Schnell misses the conversion, but Canada are now a player ahead for 10 minutes.

Canada now pushing for another try before the break, helped by Bailon being penalised at the restarr for not doing a drop kick (I think)! Win a penalty about 40m out, to the left - and with time running out go for the kick - which is missed. Half-time.

[Bonus point try to New Zealand, plus a couple more. 34-8 in the second half.

This is the worst possible score for everyone as if it stays like this then its all over for everyone else, as regrds the semis. Weird delay to the second half... but at last the ref joins us! France to restart - and it doesn't go 10!

Scrum goes against the head again! Something very odd happening with the Canadian scrum. And another scrum, again lost - and a French penalty.Missed, but Canada fail to clear their lines, ball turned over and driven over for a third French try. 18-8. A big blow as this try has resulted from a series of silly Canadaian errors when they have a sin-bin advantage. Conversion missed. Canada also now down to 14.

Tight period of play - but again strange decision as a French player launches herself over the ruck... and forces a knock-on, and French scrum! Canada now running penalties, not kicking for position. Worried about the referee's interpretation of lineout laws? Replacements now on for both sides as the tension mounts. And with justfication as another Canadian line out is penalised.

But Canada win the resulting scrum, and fight the ball to the line. Dropped in a try scoring position, but a 5m scrum now. Half way through the second half. [Meanwhile, New Zealand pass 40...].

Canada unable to convert the advantage into points - and now they are back in their own half. The referee is fast losing her crowd (well, the non-French bits) as we get a series of difficult ot understand decisions (shall we say). About 15 minutes to go.

[Its all over on Pitch One - 41-8 to New Zealand - so New Zealand will play the winner of this group, and therefore this match - unless USA beat England!]

Another good attacking position for Canada - but thrown away... and its another French try, and bonus point. Its now 23-8... and Irish fans need to change sides now and cheer on the French, as it'll all be down the the points differences of Canada and Ireland for that fourth place.

The game is finishing in the Canadian half, and the Canadian fans are very quiet. The few French fans making all the noise. The Irish fans look confused... Scrum 5m out, won by Canada, Canadian break by Ulmer... but tackled . That is time. 23-8.

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