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Sunday, May 08, 2011

Sydney on Radio One

Coming back from Herts 7s, Syd texted Radio 1's Tom Deacon show, and a few minutes later she was on the air. For the next seven days you can catch it here  (about 1 hour 22 mintes in). If you missed it here is what was said - and admire the way Syd manages to avoid saying which club she plays for, or anything else remotely useful in promoting the game...

TOM DEACON: Now Sydney, what are you up to?
SYD: We're on our way back from a rugby tournament.
T: Oh, okay. And how did it go, Sydney.
S: We won it
T: Oh, congratulations. And.. erm.. who are you with at the moment?
S: I'm with Wonky, Pottsy, Emma and Ella
T: Are they their first names? Wonky? What was the middle one?
S: Wonky name is David..
T: Oh, okay
S: ..Potsy is Robin
T: Oh, okay, and so you won today and you were playing as well then, Sydney
S: Yeah
T: And where do you play?
S: I play in the centres.
T: Okay. I'm gathering... my rugby knowledge is pretty limited.. that's just in the middle. So do you run at people and sort of  take 'em down?
S: Yeah
T: Okay. You're pretty good at that?
S: Yeah, I'm alright
T: Okay, where are you at the moment? Are you at the place, the tournament?
S: No - we're on our way back, we've pulled over
T: Okay...
S: Near Hemel Hempsted
T: Okay, thank you. Geographically I know exactly where you are right now. And what are you on - are you on a coach, in a car?
S: We're just in a car - there's five of us
T: There's just five of you ... em.. and ... they're very quiet, the people in your car, they don't seem very happy for winning a rugby tournament.
S: Yeah - be more happy!
[Loud cheering]
T: That's it! That's the sort of level of excitement.
[More strange noises]
T: They're very, very excited. Now Sydney, em, all those excited people in your car, you've won your rugby tournament - congratulations for that - I've got a question for you. Do you like Glee?
S: Do I like Glee? Erm.. It's alright. We had this conversation just before
T: Really? Oh okay. Rugby's long gone now, you are talking about Glee. We're about to play the track from this week's episode. Did you watch it?
S: Yeah
T: Okay.
T: What was that?
S: He said "Rachel rocks"
T: Oh! I dunno... I disagree with... whoever that is... I disagree. I really liked Mercedes in this episode
POTTSY: I like Finn then
S: He likes Finn, then!
T:, then. Listen. I'm going to play Turning Tables right now, okay? So you can pottle back home now on your journey. Congratulations on winning!


  1. Anonymous11:42 PM

    are you joking about her not mentioning it or do you actually expect people who play the game to promote it at every opportunity?

  2. Short answer - yes!

    Longer answer - if someone from Radio 1 rings you up to speak to you because you are a girl on your way home from a rugby tournament the least you could do (especially when asked "where do you play") is say "Letchworth" and that you play for "Letchworth Girls". Poor confused bloke seemed to think that Syd was saying that she and Wonky played on the same team!

  3. Anonymous3:13 PM

    Being a female rugby player I try to promote the game whenever I can and especially when interviewed by any sort of news media. Women's rugby has little enough publicity so we can all our part by talking about rugby whenever given a chance. In short, I strongly agree with John.

  4. Anonymous7:03 PM

    Fair comment to all you cool headed publicity masters! You are iether used to being in the public eye and dealing with the nerves and excitement of it all or you just fall into the category of complainers that will knock anyone for not meeting your standards!

    I say well done Sydney, yes it is a shame that the club name was not mentioned, a great shame but lets not forget that Sydney is only 15. I myself was stumped for words with the excitement of it all - and those that know me will find that hard to believe!!

    One other point to remember, the only reason Letchworth had any sort of team at all this year is due to the incredible enthusiasm and headstrong nature of said Sydney!!! if it wasnt for her constant encouragement and motivation amoungst fellow players this team would have folded this year!

    So I say good on ya Syd and ignore the comments!

    Wonky Dave


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